Creating Python Data Server

Paul Brian pbrian at
Tue Feb 20 07:46:49 EST 2001

May I say that unless there is an extremely strong reason for doing anymore
than presentation like work on the client that you do use apache/mod_pyhton
(or PSP or PHP anything else).

In general, the rule of thumb that puts data and business logic on central
servers and presentation on web servers or client is a good one. And
breaking that rule in the first stages of design does not sound good.

If you want the look and feel of a intelligent client rather than bare web
pages however, perhaps the following solutions might make sense:

-pickle python dictionary objects that represent the results table, squirt
as data through http, unpickle at the client end.
-Alternatively use apache to create results tables that it delviers as plain
text (XML?)

Then create a client that does what you want, (staying with Python) using
PyQT and QTdesigner (almost as easy as VB), or JPython and Swing (if you
know this - I have not yet found a neat way of WYSIWYG'ing Swing and still
being able to use jPython with it - any ideas anyone?

However may I suggest that you concentrate on the functionality that your
users desire first, and put it into plain boring web pages using
apache/mod_python / PHP/JSP. That way you
a) avoid the big management headaches of maintaining uptodate versions on
all clients (I am asuming this is a inhouse business problem)
b) Avoid big investment in gui design before functionality is all fixed
c) can change functionality faster
d) surface product quicker
e) can add in authentication and authorisation far more easly....
f) can throw it away if it is just completely not wanted.

good luck

"dsavitsk" <dsavitsk at> wrote in message
news:jQkk6.117367$Ch.20710042 at
> This is sort of Python related, that is, if I write it, it will be in
> Python.  I am really wondering if this exists, or is even practical ...
> I am trying to set up client/server system like a database server with
> stored procedures and what not where the procedures are written in python
> (or any other language), live on the server, and that isn't tied to any
> particular database. So the user would press a button on the interface
> sending a signal to the server which would instantiate whatever objects
> necessary on the server, process the data, and then return the data to the
> client.
> i though about using apache/mod_python, but i want the user to feel like
> they are running things on their computer, that is, like all of the
> processes are local and the client and server are the same.  Thus http
> doesn't seem to be what i want.
> I'll write the interface in VB or Delphi, but I want all of the processing
> to take place on the big fast server.  A Telnet-like system would be
> but the win32 style interface with all of the prerequisite buttons and
> progress bars is essential. Also, I would rather use UNIX/MySQL on the
> server, but i don't want the users to know that.
> Does this sound like a reasonable project? and is there anything similar
> does anyone have any better ideas?
> thanks,
> doug

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