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> Whether .NET supports Smalltalk or not is not relevant. It is proprietary
> and closed (I wonder if Microsoft understands that .NET is supposed to be
> the operating system, not something you package with Windows or Windows 
> CE
> or whatever they're calling it now).
> What I am thinking of is an open source project to create a standard VM 
> for
> Smalltalk but that also supports other languages, such as Java and perl, 
> and
> more importantly, new language directions for Self-like and MOP 
> extensions
> to Smalltalk. Similar to the Transmeta architecture (except all in
> software), one could define pluggable byte code dictionaries that the VM
> could swap in as required.
> This would allow one VM to work with several Smalltalk dialects, without
> requiring vendors to agree on a standard set of byte codes. The issues 
> with
> the Garbage Collector seem more difficult to me, but if Microsoft can 
> claim
> that .NET is a multi-language VM that provides GC services to any 
> language,
> than it should be possible to do this for Smalltalk as well, shouldn't 
> it?

I would like to see an open-source universal VM that runs on MacOS, 
Windows, Linux, etc... that is why I want to take the first step in that 
direction by porting a popular byte-code-compiled open-source language 
(Python/Jython) into Squeak, an open-source Smalltalk. 

See my reply to "sma at 3plus4.de":
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> On Sat, 03 Feb 2001 02:57:36 GMT, Keith Ray
> <k1e2i3t4h5r6a7y at 1m2a3c4.5c6o7m> wrote:
> >Has anyone tried to write a Python interpreter in Smalltalk?
> I tried this, although using Squeak Smalltalk not Dolphin Smalltalk.
> I never finished the project but there's a partially working parser
> which I could share.
> bye
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I have the desire to see Python running inside Squeak 
<http://www.squeak.org/> + <http://www.python.org/>

I was planning to start porting from the Jython sources, since those are 
already in an object oriented language (Java).  If you could, please 
email your parser to me and it will help me learn how Squeak could host 
a Python language. 

C. Keith Ray
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