passing object methods to os.path.walk ?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Feb 14 12:07:33 CET 2001

John Schmitt wrote:
> I did something like this:
> class foo:
> def __init__(self):
> os.path.walk( self.stuff, self.slurp, self.otherstuff )
> def slurp(self):
> #some code here

does "something like" mean:

    def slurp(arg, top, names):
        # correct if slurp is a function, wrong if it's a method


    def slurp(self, arg, top, names):
        # wrong if slurp is a function, correct if it's a method

> and I got a 'TypeError: too many arguments; expected 3, got 4' message from
> line 264 which reads
> func( arg, top, names )

os.path.walk calls the callback with three arguments.  If you use a
bound instance method as callback, Python inserts the instance (self)
first in the argument list.

Cheers /F

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