Suffering For Your Art

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Fri Feb 23 07:08:09 EST 2001


I think you will not find too many people in this NG complainig about
python's syntax.
You should probably try that one at comp.lang.c or comp.lang.c++
But don't mention "C/C++", or you'll be blamed an idiot ;-)


Ben <bencr at> wrote in message
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> # Just A Quick Observation
> Is it just me or is there a lot of animosity towards Python as a serious
> programming language ... it seems to be an old school attitude that  if
> do not have to struggle and suffer with an idiosyncratic, unintuitive
> programming syntax then it cannot possibly be a powerful language. All
> ascetics who would like to see everyone go back to the 'halcyon days' of
> assembly ... IMHO I think Python is a marvellously eloquant and beautiful
> language because it does not get in the road of programming. It pisses me
> off if I have to consult a tome of a help file/manual to find some obscure
> reference to do something that should have been quite simple ...
> # Would Anyone Like To Comment?

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