python 2.0 won't run scripts with \r\n line termination on RH7?

Steve Holden sholden at
Sun Feb 11 18:10:52 CET 2001

"Mike Carifio" <carifio.nospam at> wrote in message
news:t8c7a69cqerq7c at
> I have a network of Linux and Windows machines. On a Windows box, I have
> several python scripts which I'd also like to run on the Linux machines.
> I've
> smbmounted the Windows share to see the scripts, but having been created
> on the Windows box, the line termination in those files is \r\n. When I
> to execute the script, say 'start', I get:
> bash: ./ No such file or directory
> When I "clean up" with tr - tr -d '\r' < >,
> it
> runs. So it seems like python 2 can't compensate for wierd Windows line
> terminators. Any workarounds, other than 'tr'? Pl. advise. Tx.
I tend to use Programmer's File Editor, and keep my Python source code in
Unix format even on Windows machines.

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