PEP status and python-dev summaries

Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Feb 10 13:15:55 EST 2001

Jeremy Hylton wrote:
> I would suggest a couple of changes, with the burden mostly falling on
> Barry and me:
> - Regular announcements of PEP creation and PEP status changes should
>   be posted to comp.lang.python and c.l.p.a.
> - The release status PEPs should be kept up to date and regularly
>   posted to the same groups.

You mentioned "Zopification" in another item.  Wouldn't both
of the above be fairly simple if the PEPs were maintained with
Zope instead of wherever they are now?  

We are using Zope to manage structured information similar to
the PEPs and it is an easy matter to configure things so
that upon a status field changing, a post is automatically
made.  I no longer allow manual processes that don't add
value relative to an automated one to waste our time.  It just
seems silly in this day and age to think of someone manually 
extracting information and posting it to c.l.p this way.

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