COMMERCIAL: BlackAdder Windows/Linux Python GUI Development Environment

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> >BlackAdder is available in two editions, the Personal Edition and
> >Business Edition. The Business Edition allows the run-time elements
> >BlackAdder (except for mxODBC) to be re-distributed with your
> >applications at no extra cost.
>     This is the part that gets me wondering.  How pervasive are
these run time
> portions?  I'd like to use QT as the graphical toolkit for a project
I have
> and that project will be GPL'd.  What problems would I have in
interfacing GPL
> code and the personal edition upon distribution?  I'm confident I
> distribute the code freely but what would that code evetually run

The run-time elements consist of Python, and a special build of PyQt
that includes Qt statically linked. With the Personal Edition you can
distribute Python (because it has a different license anyway) but not
the BlackAdder version of PyQt.

To distribute your application (is doesn't matter if it is free or
not), you have the following choices...

1. Your user has to have their own copy of the Personal Edition.

2. You buy the Business Edition which allows you to re-distribute the
BlackAdder version of PyQt at no extra charge.

3. Your user has to have the free version of PyQt and Qt already
installed. For UNIX this isn't a problem, for Windows they would also
need a commercial Qt license which probably make it too expensive to
be practical.


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