postscript generation

Joe Murray jmurray at
Tue Feb 20 01:44:45 CET 2001

Dear All,

I hope I am not missing some obvious module, but are there any more
Python modules for generating PostScript?  I've looked at PIL and PGPlot
(and cousin plplot) and even the 'yet-to-be-released' PythonPS module

I'm looking for something like HTMLgen for PostScript.  Is the
PostScript Utility Library going to provide some of this functionality? 
I'm trying to combine the GNU Barcode library with some textual labeling
to implement a some sorta LIMS-type system.  So I really need access to
PostScript text layout tools.  (BTW, most of what I'm doing I could code
up quickly (quickly, in _python_ of course), but if there's a module,
why not use it...)



Joseph Murray
Bioinformatics Specialist, AGY Therapeutics
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