Windows/Cygwin/MacOSX import (was RE: python-dev summary, 2001-02-01 - 2001-02-15)

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>[Michael Hudson]
>> ...
>>    * Imports on case-insensitive file systems *
>>  There was quite some discussion about how to handle imports on a
>>  case-insensitive file system (eg. on Windows).  I didn't follow the
>>  details, but Tim Peters is on the case (sorry), so I'm confident it
>>  will get sorted out.
>You can be sure the whitespace will be consistent, anyway <wink>.
>them is ugly.  We're already supporting (and will continue to support)
>PYTHONCASEOK for their benefit, but they don't deserve multiple hacks in
>Flame at will.
>or-flame-at-tim-your-choice-ly y'rs  - tim

1.  Thanks.  Along with all the other benefits, I find
    this explanation FAR more entertaining than anything
    network television broadcasts (although nearly as
    tendentious as "The West Wing").
2.  I hope a few OS/400 and OpenVMS refugees convert and
    walk through the door soon.  *That* would make for a
    nice dose of fun.

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