International/Localized Python GUI apps

timo at timo at
Wed Feb 14 08:49:23 EST 2001

I (desparately) want to be using python for our GUI apps here, but 
we're currently using M$ Visual C++. I'm not very happy with it, 
MFC in particular. It's a horrible set of wrappers on an unhappy api.

Still, we have some opportunity. I need to be able to do UIs that are 
easily internationalizable, and I need to do a lot of work in grids. I've 
looked at WxPython, but it doesn't seem to do wide characters 
and/or unicode. I really need multilingual support, some of those 
languages being asian ones. 

Is there a way for me to propose python and tkinter or something 
for this work? I really need grid controls, and i really need foreign 
language support. If I have these, and can make an argument for it 
being easier than MFC/VC++, then I have a really good chance of 
getting it pushed through here. 

Any help? 


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