pointing at who?

Ben de Luca c941520 at alinga.newcastle.edu.au
Sun Feb 18 08:40:56 EST 2001

hmm i am trying to find out how the assignmnet in this situation would
occure, is talkingdata[1] the same as (talkingTo[CorrectNumber])[1] in this
situation in essense i want to wait for the switch to flip? can i do this
other wise i will have to use another message or starve

talkingData=[sender,threading.Event(),''] #create working data

data=[] #create final data

self.talkingToLock.acquire() #one hand in the cookie jar at a time
self.talkingTo.append(talkingData) #put in the cookies
self.talkingToLock.release()#shut the lid

talkingData[1].wait() #wait for response

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