invalid-token syntax hook (was Re: Hack request: rational numbers)

Tim Peters at
Thu Feb 1 07:55:46 CET 2001

[Jeff Epler]
> ...
> I have no illusion that our BDFL would accept something like Mobius
> into core Python,

Hey, in the end he accepted xreadlines(), and you may remember his initial
patch comment for that <wink>.

Guido confessed to *trying* to dream up a Pythonic way to allow syntax
extensions when he was designing the language, but failed.  And despite what
anyone may think, that's really not an invitation to discuss hygienic macros
for the 50th time <0.7 wink>.

life's-short-and-brutal-but-if-you're-lucky-you-die-ly y'rs  - tim

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