PIL under Windows

Christopher Lee clee at gnwy100.wuh.wustl.edu
Thu Feb 15 12:18:13 EST 2001

>>>>> "Norman" == Norman Charnley <norman at earth.ox.ac.uk> writes:

    Norman> However, when looking for PIL to install, I followed the links
    Norman> from the Python homepage and I ended up at Pythonworks, which
    Norman> offers another almost complete Python distribution, which
    Norman> installed under C:\Py20, but without Tools (e.g. Idle).

    Norman> Is there an easy way to reconcile the two? - preferably by
    Norman> amalgamating them under C:\python20, since various other links
    Norman> and registry settings are already associated with that
    Norman> directory...

If you've already downloaded py20 from pythonware, you can copy all PIL
related files over from c:\py20 to the equivalent place in your c:\Python20
directory. (I believe the files are something like PIL.pth, the entire PIL
subdirectory, _imaging.dll and _tkimaging.dll.)

If you haven't already downloaded py20 and you don't want all the extra's
it gives, you might want to grab the one of the win32 versions available at
http://piddle.sourceforge.net/PIL/ and unzip it under your c:\python20


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