Discussion about PEP 234: iterators

Raymond Hettinger othello at javanet.com
Fri Feb 16 23:09:47 CET 2001

I think dictionary iteration should match iterations on other objects/types
as closely as possible unless performance is impacted.

for elem in list                # does not automatically sort
for key in dict                # so this should not automatically sort

for key:value in dict        # proposed
for index:item in list        # so this should work

if elem in list                # this works
if key in dict                # so this should work

map( fun, list )            # this works
map( func, dict )        # so this should work with functions that take a key as
a parameter

filter( boolfun, list )        # gives a possibly smaller list
filter( boolfun, dict )        # so this should return a possibly smaller



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