Python Users Group Australia

Mark Hammond MarkH at
Wed Feb 7 06:45:07 CET 2001

Ben Catanzariti wrote:

> As you already have a mailing list up and running ... would you like to
> expand that to an Australian Python Users Group? or APUG ... (I think I
> think I got involved in IT just to use acronymns :)

Umm - not really :-)  Although you are obviously free to use this list to organize such a beast.  I would be happy for this list to be the official mailing list of such a UG, but have no time to do anything at all towards organizing such a group.

> There is an Australian Users Group conference running this weekend ... ie
> (linux, Perl, Cold fusion etc etc no Python however :(  ... I would consider
> going to try and gather a base membership ...

That would be good - in Melbourne too :-)  The Python conference is that week, and I may not be back in time.


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