What's the best way???--installing 2.0 and IDLE on RH 7

Chris Nelson fimafeng at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 21 18:43:25 CET 2001

Well, my first attempt has landed me one buggered up system...

I need to rebuild my linux box anyways so this serves as good reason.

What I want to do is have BeOpen python 2.0 work with IDLE..

My last attempt always had IDLE running with 1.5.2

Before I go installing I need to know...

Should I install the 8.3 versions of tcl and tk that come with RedHat
as well as the 1.5.2 version of TKinter? (The one listed with the Python 
2.0 is also newer)

when I did this last time and then installed BeOpen 2.0 the RPM 
complained about needing the libraries from 8.0 tcl and tk.....

What is the best way to proceed? RPM's makefiles please help!!!

Many thanks,

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