ANN: Win32 Installer - new release for Python 2

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Sat Feb 24 16:26:26 CET 2001

With many, many thanks to Barry Scott, a new release of the 
Win32 Installer package is here:

Barry found my major boo-boo in the code that resolves a C 
extension inside a package. He also greatly improved the 
messages that come out of the runtime when something goes 
wrong at the top level. And if you're a user of Mark Hammond's 
stuff, he also made it so, for example, "import pywintypes" 
automatically finds PyWinTypes20.dll.

Also in this release: the fix for builtin modules, and a fix to the 
analysis of C extensions and dlls.

The documentation now has a page of how-tos for common 
extensions / packages (e.g., Pmw, PIL among others).

 The Win32 Installer is a sort of compilerless Freeze - a way 
of distributing Python apps with all the required support built 
in. It also understands binary resources (.dlls and .pyds) and 
can package up arbitrary files that your app might require.

Old-Python-style license.

Contact: gmcm at

Win32 Installer release 3j</A> A compiler-less way 
of distributing Python 2.0 apps on Windows. (24-Feb-01)

- Gordon

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