Data management products (was: How do you lock your web app data?)

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>> Actually, all these Alex has mentioned have
>> capabilities that'll knock the socks off vic-
>> tims habituated to Access, for example.
>Just one attempt at terminology clarification...:
>Access is a possibly-handy GUI IDE front-end for cobbling together
>possibly-intricated DB operations; at least if you don't mind
>What was in a far, distant past misnamed 'the Access database'
>by Microsoft marketroids (the same misbegotten ilk who managed
>for years to throw confusion around COM by misnaming everything
>COM *as if* it had anything to do with various technologies who were
>and are *ON TOP* of COM itself -- at first, OLE, later, Active/X), is
>now fortunately again known only by its true name, 'Jet'.  It's a
>very old-technology, legacy engine, with no pluses I can think of
>when compared to MSDE, Postgres, etc.
		[other salient points]
Do Java people use property files?  I have no sense
about this.  I think the answer is, no.  In any case,
CPython has no particular need to read and write 'em,

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