"struct" module extension proposal

Penfold spam at spam.com
Fri Feb 2 17:16:56 EST 2001

I often pack strings in reverse using an 8 byte number at the end of the
string to tell the user how long it was
I too think that the struct module needs extending to directly support my
arbitrrary packing structure.  What
do you think ?

Des :-)

<paolo.salvan.amniup at libero.it> wrote in message
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> I'm using the "struct" module to pack/unpack binary data...
> I often pack strings rappresenting raw binary data putting a 4-bytes
> integer indicating the string length, followed by the string
> data...(it's likes the Pascal string coding schema, but with 4-bytes
> prefix instead of the 1 byte prefix)
> I think it would be generally useful if the struct format string was
> extended to directly support this packing schema...what you think?
>                           Paolo
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