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Tue Feb 27 03:11:52 EST 2001

On Mon, 26 Feb 2001, Roy W Fileger wrote:

> With Python 2.0 supporting OpenSSL, can I simply
> use the httplib to connect and POST? The POST
> example the Python Library Reference 11.4.2 seems
> both simple and clear.

Despite of all my efforts, I've never been able to build
Python 2.0 with built-in SSL support and I ran into a
solution that I find simple and elegant.  I just run the
cryptographic stuff "outside" of my Python application.

I use Stunnel ( which is an SSL
proxy to create an encrypted tunnel between my application
and the server. Security can be pretty well finetuned using
TCP wrapper access control.

With this proxy server, I use the good ol' httplib and it
works really fine!  I also used it for a credit card transaction
system so the overhead involved by the SSL proxying doesn't
matter very much...


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