Collection interfaces

Brian Gridley Brian.Gridley at
Wed Feb 28 19:21:40 CET 2001

I can imagine some limited places where this would be so, or some
constraints that would make this so, but it is hard to imagine on a project
with any depth.  I did procedural and 4GL for 15 years, and Smalltalk for 5.
I helped write a major system in Smalltalk at the same time our competitor
wrote something from nearly identical specs.  Ours cost 1/3 of theirs,
supplied more features, and is far more flexible.  Perhaps you can provide
specifics to enlighten us as to what you have found procedural to do better.

"Topmind" <topmind at> wrote in message
news:MPG.1506d244a87ac34b9896c3 at
> > > Using procedural and table techniques, I have matched
> > > Smalltalk "can-you-do-this" challenges in the past,
> > > and usually with more K.I.S.S.
> >
...> OO is far more Guru-oriented than anything before it. It is
> generating tons of lore, scriptures, and meditation materials
> without any objective proof or metrics that it is better...

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