array vs. list

C. Porter Bassett porter at
Fri Feb 9 18:38:25 EST 2001

I have a couple of matrix/vector classes that I wrote.  The matrix is 4x4
and the vector is 4X1, just like the ones they use in OpenGL.  Anyway,
when I wrote it quick and dirty, I used all lists.  I just went back and
replaced lists with arrays where I could.  Much to my surprise, it was
about half again slower using arrays instead of lists!  I thought that
arrays were supposed to be more effecient than lists, but I guess they
aren't.  In case it would make a difference, this was done on a 400 MHZ
linux box and python 2.0

Yeah, I know that I should learn NumPy and implement it there, but one
thing at a time.

C. Porter Bassett

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