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Thu Feb 8 01:49:25 EST 2001

On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 08:06:26AM -0600, Cameron Laird wrote:
>What's the relation between trestarter and init(8)?

trestarter works with the existing "init.d" start and stop scripts.
It doesn't require disabing the "standard" RedHat method of starting
services and plunking them into xinit.d or inittab.  It can be configured
to not restart services when the admin has done a "service named stop",
for example (or not).  It sends reports of restarting services (including
the output of scripts) to an e-mail address (or not).

In addition to simply checking for the process existing, it can also run
an arbitrary script which, for example, does a sample transaction against
the service and does a restart if it fails.

trestarter can be run from init and/or from cron.  Init being the preferred
way since it can then watch cron.  trestarter also has rather serious logging
of what it's doing and why, if you enable it.

The target is that it will be included in KRUD (our RedHat-based
distribution) and therefore needs to provide functionality without
confusing people.  Disabling the init.d scripts and putting things
into inittab just isn't an option...

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