Collection interfaces

Topmind topmind at
Wed Feb 28 12:06:20 EST 2001

> Topmind
> > Using procedural and table techniques, I have matched
> > Smalltalk "can-you-do-this" challenges in the past,
> > and usually with more K.I.S.S.
> Wow -- what are you takin?  It sure must be potent!
> Maybe I am wrong, maybe it's not chemical -- maybe you have just linked up
> with the guru who mentored the Beatles?  Anyway it sure seems to work for
> you.
> Randy

Lookin in the mirror?

OO is far more Guru-oriented than anything before it. It is
generating tons of lore, scriptures, and meditation materials
without any objective proof or metrics that it is better.

One has to have years of "procedural DEprogramming" to
"get it"? The Patty Herst paradigm?

We have not seen such self-feeding intellectual fraud since
ecomonic communism, Elron Hubbard, and Utah Cold Fusion.


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