python-dev summary, Jan. 16-31

Andrew Dalke dalke at
Fri Feb 16 04:09:17 EST 2001

I wrote:
>says in bold that
>  Subscription is by invitation only.
>and adds
>  This is a closed list

I was rooting around for the iterator thread.  I found
which says

> > p.s. I have set up and
> >; Guido, would you prefer
> > discussion of sets and iterators to be moved to these lists, or to
> > stay on python-dev?
> Let's move these to egroups for now.
> --Guido van Rossum (home page:

I assume "egroups" is "".  I went to the
list to see the current discussion status.  I could not

    · Listed in directory
    · Open membership
    · Unmoderated
    · All members may post
>>  · Archives for members only
    · Email attachments are permitted

Needless to say, I am not a member so I can't even see the
archives of this thread.  And there is no way I'm going to
give Yahoo and their mutable terms of services my email
address and other personal data.  I'ld rather just complain
annoyingly to :)  Besides, it looks like there's only
a single message in the archive.

                    Andrew Dalke
                    dalke at

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