A working setup.py for DCOracle 1.3.2 /Oracle 8.1.6/HP-UX 11

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Wed Feb 21 15:48:15 CET 2001

To whom it may concern !

every now and then questions arise about the compilation of DCOracle in several contexts.

Here is a working setup.py to install DCoracle.py in a system consisting of the following components:
- HP-UX 11
- Oracle 8.1.6
- Python 2.0
- DCOracle 1.3.2

I took the the setup.py created by Andrew M.Kuchling in his ZODB-Distribution and changed the ORACLE_LIBS accordingly.
The result follows below the ------- dashes.

The python 2.0 had to be compiled according the hints given in
_id=5470 .

Hope that helps somebody

Norbert Klamann

Norbert.Klamann at klamann-software.de

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Setup file for DCOracle
# Python modules written by Digital Creations <http://www.digicool.com>
# setup.py written by A.M. Kuchling <amk1 at bigfoot.com>

import os
from distutils.core import setup
from distutils.extension import Extension

# Set Oracle include and library names


# XXX add definitions for other versions here
if 1:
    # Definitions for Oracle 8.0.5, shared library build on Linux
    ORACLE_INCLUDES = ['rdbms/demo', 'plsql/public', 'network/public']
    ORACLE_LIBS = ['clntsh']
    ORACLE_LIBDIRS = [ 'lib' ]

# Prefix all the directories with the Oracle home directory
ORACLE_INCLUDES = map(lambda x: os.path.join(ORACLE_HOME, x), ORACLE_INCLUDES)
ORACLE_LIBDIRS = map(lambda x: os.path.join(ORACLE_HOME, x), ORACLE_LIBDIRS)

# Definitions for extension modules

buffer = Extension(name = 'Buffer',
                   sources= ['src/Buffer.c']
oci_ = Extension(name = 'oci_',
                         include_dirs = ORACLE_INCLUDES,
                         libraries    = ORACLE_LIBS,
                         library_dirs = ORACLE_LIBDIRS,
                         sources= ['src/oci_.c']

setup(name = "DCOracle", 
      version = "1.3.1b1",
      description = "Python interface to Oracle",
      author = "Digital Creations",
      author_email = "zope-dev at zope.org",
      url = "http://www.zope.org",

      ext_modules = [buffer, oci_],


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