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> Volker,
> I've just been catching up with my e-mail and I didn't see any response
> to your question, so I thought I'd put in my 2 cents.  I'm not sure if
> this is the "correct" way, but this is how I got it to work.
> I installed BLT under the tcl directory found in the standard python
> distribution.  I then moved tcl\lib\tcl8.3\blt2.4 up to
> tcl\tcl8.3\blt2.4 so that the pkgIndex.tcl file could be found by TCL.
> I also made sure that the tcl\bin directory is in the path so that the
> DLL's could be found.
> I played with this a while before I got it to work and this method is a
> kludge, so if you find a cleaner way to do the install, I'd appreciate
> it if you'd pass it on.
> I hope this helps; good luck!
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> Subject: BLT throug Pmw
> Hello,
> I  would like to use BLT 2.4u throug Pmw 0.8.5 from Python 2.1
> on an Windwos box but Pmw cannot find the BLT package.
> I installed the BLT package from the self extracting Windows
> installer found on the BLT home page in various locations but none
> worked.  As I am unfamiliar with the tcl/tk-directory organisation
> I do not know wether all files are in the right place.
> Does anyone have any experince with this setup?
> Where should the BLT libraries be (relativily to the Python21 or Tcl
> diretory)?
> The demos included in the BLT distribution do not work either, they
> suffer from the same problem: "Can't find BLT package"
> Thanks a lot in advance for any idea.
> Volker Dobler

Volker Dobler
   Install the Python 2.1 distribution from Sourceforge WITHOUT Tcl.
Just unselect Tcl when prompted. Then install Tcl/Tk8.3.3 from I installed Tcl into the Python21
directory. Install
PMW and BLT (both into \Python21) and everything should work fine. The
Tcl which is part of a Python distribution is doing something which
breaks the PMW/BLT connection so the easiest solution is don't use it.
  Dave Porter

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