Distributed computing using SOAP. What about speed ?

Thomas Weholt t-weh at online.no
Wed Jul 25 15:41:19 EDT 2001

Interesting. What I'm going to send among my clients are lists of urls, and
I guess the lists can be pretty big after a while.
Coul probably benefit from compression too. If you ever implement something
like this, please post it here, at Parnassus etc.


"Skip Montanaro" <skip at pobox.com> wrote in message
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>     Martin> "Thomas Weholt" <thomas at gatsoft.no> writes:
>     >> Does anybody have any thoughts about SOAP, especially SOAPpy ( it
>     >> looks very nice, simple to use ), and potential speed issues?
>     Martin> If speed is an issue, I would recommend against SOAP. If you
>     Martin> CORBA, you can get very efficient implementations. Even the
>     Martin> least efficient ones (e.g. Fnorb) will easily out-pace SOAP
>     Martin> time.
> Perhaps, but it all depends on what and how you sling your data around.
> Clearly, you can't efficiently pass and receive multi-megabyte data
> structures, but that would hold true for any distributed communication
> protocol.  A megabyte of data is still a megabyte of data.  I tweaked
> xmlrpclib a year or two ago to handle gzip encoding.  It compresses the
> on the wire quite nicely.  Doesn't have much effect when talking over a
> but over the Internet it's quite nice to have.  I suspect it wouldn't be
> hard to add gzip encoding support to SOAPpy either.
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