PEP 238 (revised)

Joshua Macy l0819m0v0smfm001 at
Fri Jul 27 22:00:00 EDT 2001

Paul Boddie wrote:
> But possibly the first thing anyone with any investment in the
> language should be thinking upon starting to read the PEP is: "How on
> Earth am I going to know what needs changing, and how much time and
> money am I going to be spending to adapt to this?"

  It seems to me that if upon reading the PEP someone thinks "How on
Earth am I going to know what needs changing?", he is almost guaranteed
to have bugs in his code that relate to the very issue that the PEP
addresses.  How could he not, since he's obviously never thought about
it before?  Someone who thinks this way should be thanking his lucky
stars that if the PEP is implemented the language is going to grow the
machinery in the near term to help him identify the bugs (warnings and
possibly tools), write code that's not subject to the bugs (using / and
// appropriately) and the incentive (Python 3.0) to attack the problem
in the next few years.


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