Typing system vs. Java

Steven D. Majewski sdm7g at Virginia.EDU
Mon Jul 30 18:26:16 EDT 2001

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001, Chris Barker wrote:

> > However, Perl's typing system is much more flexible (read:
> > context-sensitive) than Python's.
> I didn't mean to say that Perl was not dynamicly typed. What I meant to
> say was:
> a) Python is dynamically typed, as opposed to weakly typed
> b) Python's typing is not like Perl's typing, as you just said yourself.
> Whether or not Perl's typing is best described as "dynamic" or "weak" is
> a question I will leave to others that are more familiar with Perl than
> I.

I would say that some of Perl's automagic coercions (IMHO) make it 
weakly typed. 

But I suppose someone could argue that it's stronly typed -- it just 
has a very convoluted type system. But I've never seen anyone try to
chart out that type system explicitly. ( For one example, that would
involve tieing strings and numbers together into some sort of sub-type
relationship, since you can mix them together ( 'print "1" + 2' ) )

-- Steve Majewski

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