Comment on PEP-0238

Tim Peters at
Sat Jul 7 21:07:03 CEST 2001

> If one is going to add keywords to a language, I suggest that a
> list of possible future keywords -- even ones that aren't planned
> on being supported any time soon -- be reserved at the same time.

> Good idea.  I'd have to fire up my time machine to figure out which
> keywords will be used in the future though, and I'm not sure how
> successful that would be.  C tried this and had a few unused reserved
> words (I recall 'fortran') for years until they threw them out.

We can avoid that.  Just reserve the specific names:


in 2.2.  This is 10x more keywords than even Magnus will find a use for.

    keyword1 x keyword47 [for i keyword6 y]:
        keyword12 42

I suppose we should argue about whether to reserve "keyword0" too <wink>.

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