Not enough Python library development [was PEP scepticism]

Paul Prescod paulp at
Mon Jul 2 19:11:33 EDT 2001

Emile van Sebille wrote:
> Paul,
> This is very cool!  Thanks.
> What are the criteria for including a group in here? 

Mostly that we know it exists. :)

> How often are they updated?

Basically instantly. We have subscriptions to the lists.

> In particular, it looks like you've got most of the Python, Zope and
> ActiveState groups, but I note several MIAs, eg: pybsddb, ZODB, wxPython,
> etc.  I see you've even got the newly created PythonCard group in there.

We need to know the name of a mailing list, where we can subscribe, and
ideally have access to MBOX-format archives.

It's because of a dirth of archives that comp.lang.python doesn't go
back as far as I would like:
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