greenbeen seeks advice

Joshua Marshall jmarshal at
Fri Jul 13 19:12:27 CEST 2001

Python's a very good place to start.  Besides books on the language,
I'd also recommend you find some books on data-structures.  I can't
name any good ones offhand, but maybe some other posters can...

wyatt stafford <wyatts at> wrote:
> Preamble:

> I am a computer/network support person who has decided to start programming
> for a vocation (no previous experience beyond minor scripting, etc).  After
> some research I selected Python as a good place to start.  I bought "Learn
> to Program using Python" (Gauld) and "Quick Python" (Harms/McDonald).  Also
> checking out the tutorial, and other good info at    I have
> a leaping, intuitive learning style given to missing the obvious, so I am
> concerned about having fatal gaps in my learning via home schooling plan.

> Questions:

> Beyond those mentioned above, may I have any recommendations for self study
> resources (books, etc) or techniques that will help me be a good programmer,
> in general?

> Do I need to know what is taught in CompSci 101/102/etc, to be great?

> thanks and happy weekend to all,
> wyatt

> "Oh, that's not what I call bingeing"

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