Python for air traffic control?

David LeBlanc whisper at oz.nospamnet
Tue Jul 3 12:20:13 EDT 2001

In article <3B41C7C4.E444FCF8 at>, michael at says...
> David LeBlanc wrote:
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> > The Canadians privatized their national air traffic control a few years
> > ago and oh my! the planes RUN ON TIME!
> Which does not say anything about safety. Well, time will tell...
> Ciao, Michael.
Does not say anything _explicit_ about safety, but it suggests a lot, at 
least to me.

No corporation is going to fail to budget for equipment maintenence, 
upgrades as needed and whatever else it takes to maintain a system and 
make a profit while not paying out huge insurance premiums to their risk 
carriers for accidentally running planes into mountains, the ground or 
each other. 

This is in sharp contrast to the US system where congress can barely 
manage to look up from swilling from the corporate trough for reelection 
funds long enough to even appropriate salaries. Of course, our system has 
no long delays, and hasn't landed more the 3-4 planes on top of each 
other in the past 5 years (Detroit, LAX and... don't recall the third). 
Yup, safe as a government run operation can be. And look! no insurance 
premiums, we just milk the taxpayers a bit more in a bad year or not fund 
low-income child care... easy.


Dave LeBlanc

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