ANN: 3rd beta of Win32 Installer release 4

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Fri Jul 20 22:55:45 CEST 2001

The thrid beta of version 4 of the Win32 Installer package is 

This beta fixes some bugs in package support and
dependency analysis (mxDateTIme is working again, 
PyXML works properly once the package is included). 
The docs feature a more gentle introduction for those
who want to stay away from the complexities.

Version 4 handles all Python versions from 1.5 
onward (it's been tested with 1.5 and 2.1). It has a number of 
new capabilities:
 - set a Windows version resource in the executable 
   (NT / Win2K only), including the ability to create a 
   version resource from Python
 - a utility to analyze the dependency tree of a script / module
   (including a cross-reference)
 - warnings issued when dynamic code encountered
   (__import__, exec, eval)
 - COM client support (including using gencache.EnsureModule 
  to generate support on the end-user's machine).

What is it?
 The Installer is a set of tools for distributing Python
 applications. The target machines do not need to have
 Python installed, or may have a different version of 
 Python installed.

 The Windows version (there's a more limited Linux version,
 too), has top level scripts for 3 configurations:
 - Standalone: create a single directory installation for your app
 - Simple: wraps a Standalone with a simple install script
 - Freeze: creates an executable that unpacks itself at run
   time, and cleans up afterward.
 More complex distributions can be created by writing your
 own config file and passing it to Builder.

Old-Python-style license.

Contact: gmcm at

Win32 Installer release 4a2</A> A compiler-less way 
of distributing Python apps on Windows. (20-July-01)

- Gordon

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