Thomas Heller thomas.heller at
Mon Jul 2 09:25:18 EDT 2001

"Mark Hammond" <MarkH at> wrote in message news:3B406737.1030707 at
> Thomas Heller wrote:
> > All this (basically) works, the window is shown,
> > but nothing is printed from the test function.
> > Wading with the debugger through the code, it seems
> > the 'test' function is never called.
> > The reason seems to be that the default window-proc
> > from win32gui is called, and SetClassLong() is never
> > called with 'test' as the parameter.
> > Has anyone got this to work? Am I doning something wrong?
> It is supposed to work, but I can't find any example code.
I found the mistake I made:
CreateWindow() should have used the atom-name _returned_
by the RegisterClass() call and _not_ the lpszClassName
member of WNDCLASS.



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