Python win32all installation warning dialogs.

infobot infobot at
Wed Jul 4 20:11:40 CEST 2001

Sorry Mark & Stefan, massively late followup since I got swamped in work and
an office relocation. Anyway, you were both right, I had one of the dodgy
comcat dlls - version 5.0 from MSIE I think.  Tried getting hold of the new
ones but worked easier to just reinstall the OS (it needed it anyway) - am
now using fresh Windows2000Professional & MSIE5.5 installation and no 
problem at all with Win32all. Thank you very much. 



Mark Hammond wrote:
> > I've never had problems with Win32all before so I figure the above
> > are out-of-the-ordinary. May I ask how I should register these items ?
> You can register them manually by executing:
> python win32comext\axscript\client\
> python win32com\servers\
> python win32com\servers\
> I suspect you will get the same errors tho.
> I have no idea how this could just start happening recently.  My guess 
> is that some other software updated some COM dlls.
> See 
> - but this specifically mentions Windows 98.  I suggest you try and find 
> a COM update from


Stefan Migowsky wrote:
> there is probably a mismatch in the comcat.dll. 
> Mircosoft removed the interfaces to register COM categories
> from version 4.73 to version 5.0. So search for the
> file comcat.dll in the system directory and look for
> the version. If it is higher than 4.73 there is your problem.
> To fix it try to get version 4.73 and run 
> regsvr32 c:\4.73\comcat.dll
> %PYTHON ROOT%\python.exe
> %PYTHON ROOT%\win32comext\axscript\client\
> %PYTHON ROOT%\python.exe %PYTHON ROOT%\win32com\servers\
> %PYTHON ROOT%\python.exe %PYTHON ROOT%\win32com\servers\
> regsvr32 -u c:\4.73\comcat.dll
> regsvr32 %SYSTEM32%\comcat.dll

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