SocketServer and threading mixin?

Steve Holden sholden at
Fri Jul 13 11:33:40 EDT 2001


There's a much higher probability your issues will be addressed if you visit and use the bug reporting system to let the
developers know about the problems. (You may have done this for all I know).

It woul dbe a mistake to assume that posting on this newsgroup is sufficient
to get a task on the development "to do" list.  Furthermore, posting a bug
saves the developers from having to do it themselves (since all bugs have to
go into sourceforge before they get fixed).

Have a good weekend.


"Greg Copeland" <gtcopeland at> wrote in message
news:m24rshy4xk.fsf at
> I've been following the bug report on the SocketServer module
> and how it is broken with the threading mixin.  The bug report
> has been closed and the people that posted offered several
> solutions, however, from what I've seen, SocketServer, the
> module, is still broken and requires a minor patch or two to
> work correctly.  Does anyone know what the plans are to address
> this issue down the road?  Will there be an interim python release
> which addresses this???  Would be nice since there is seemingly
> lots of people that don't want to have to their user base patch
> or replace python modules.
> Anyone?
> Greg

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