SlightlyOffTopic: syntax-highlighting in XEmacs running on Windows

Tom Jenkins tjenkins at
Thu Jul 26 09:25:55 EDT 2001

Thomas Weholt wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to use X/Emacs to write Python-code on Windows too, but I have a
> small problem with the python-mode.el. Where do I put the stuff that should
> have gone into .emacs? Cannot create such a file on win32 filesystem. Why
> aren't my code colorized in XEmacs 21.x using the python-mode like Emacs
> under Linux, using the exact same python-mode.el-file?
> Any ideas?
> Thomas

Actually Thomas you can have a file named .emacs (at least under Win2k 
though I think you could do it in NT also)

if you can't get your editor to save it as such you can always drop to 
the command line and do:
   copy con .emacs

of-course-you-can-do-same-for-.vimrc<wink>-ly yours

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