Postgres support

Edward Wilson web2ed at
Fri Jul 6 14:58:58 EDT 2001

This is exactly what I have been talking about for *years* now.

Python will only appeal to scientific developers researching the
"impossible to do" until it handles databases on a first class scale. 
Oh, and another point, ODBC is dead.  Microsoft has already abandand
it for OLEDB a COM based library.  References to ODBC need not apply.
What is needed are RAW Native Drivers at the C/C++ level.

Python needs a ready to use cross database module which handles
Oracle, DB2, SQL-Server, Sybase, and Informix.  If it handles Postgres
and MsSQL that would be a bonus, however, most $$ gigs don't use the
last two db's much so most of the focus should be on the "big five" or
at least on the big three (Oracle, DB2, and SQL_Server).

In my opinion, what has held Python back from going primetime virtical
is it's lack of commercial grade db support, and I beleive it will
continue to do so until a tribe of Python-developers gathers to
accomplish this end.  I have for a long time felt that this has
warranted the support of the General himself """_GV_""" if for nothing
else than for moral support and inspiration to see this call to it's

The Python cummunity should throw it's best resources at this void
until this call is answered.  Once a baseline is established, many
intermediate developers could mantain such a platform.  The main need
of the hour is to draw a crowd, once the crowd exists--it will


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