PEP scepticism

Jeff Shannon jeff at
Mon Jul 2 18:43:36 CEST 2001

Roy Smith wrote:

> Having now used python for about 4 years, I still think
> indentation-for-grouping was a dumb idea.  The problem is that it is just
> too easy to add or delete whitespace by accident (and without noticing),
> especially when cutting and pasting hunks of code from one place to
> another.  When such whitespace munging makes the code look ugly, it's
> simply a minor annoyance.  When it changes the meaning of the code, it's a
> language design mistake.

Not to say that your opinion isn't considered, but...

It seems to me, that it's just as likely that cut-and-paste is as likely to
a missed bracket as it is to result in munged whitespace.  And I, personally,
find it a lot easier to track indent levels than I do to search out brackets or

whatnot within large code blocks.

I imagine that it eventually boils down to a personal-taste distinction...

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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