Redirecting broswers in Py

Andrew Markebo flognat at
Wed Jul 25 23:21:12 CEST 2001

First of all, a hint.. you can use """ or ''' or ' to surround
strings, so you could do:

c.send("""<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh"Content=0;Host="">""")

Hmm reading this example you seem to be missing a ; between refresh
and content, could be a 'news' bugg.

Are you only sending this answer?? as reply? You know that you need to
send status back also with headers and so on, like 

HTTP/1.0 200 ok
[empty line]
[HTML containting your redirection]

An alternative could be to send a "HTTP/1.0 302 Redirect" answer to
the browser, including as header the location to move to.


/ Adonis Vargas <deltapigz at> wrote:
| the script accepts the connection then processes information once that
| is done i want to be able to send the broswer to X page. i have found
| something and used it in the line below:
| c.send("<META
| HTTP-EQUIV=\"Refresh\"Content=0;Host=\"\">")
| but i think im going at this completely wrong.
| any help would greatly be appreciated.
| Adonis

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