Python 2.2 dictionary question.

Martin von Loewis loewis at
Tue Jul 24 05:30:50 EDT 2001

Duncan Booth <duncan at> writes:

> > Also note that much of this has been discussed before in
> > 
> which is precisely why I didn't just post a bug report to sourceforge since 
> I was sure it must have been discussed *somewhere*, I just couldn't find 
> the discussion.

That should never stop you from reporting a bug when you think you
found one. It may be that it is quickly closed if it was fixed, or if
it was not considered a bug; this should not worry you. I doubt that
the bug would be closed if there was still the intention to do
something about the problem.

Anyway, since there is an SF report on this now, we can sit back and
wait what Guido decides :-)


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