Conway's Life

Rainy sill at
Fri Jul 20 03:41:51 CEST 2001

On Fri, 20 Jul 2001 01:10:56 GMT, Doug Newhouse <n at .com> wrote:
> I'm a recreational programmer with some pretty basic experience in
> Python and I'm looking for a good way to implement the grid needed for
> Life (or other cellular automata) in Python.
> This would be in win98.
> I should be able to figure out the algorithms and stuff, it's just that
> I have no idea how to do graphics. (Would this be TK? Perhaps someone
> could recommend a web site or book?) Oh, and keep it simple please, no
> need for anything super efficient just yet.
> (I did this once in Turbo Pascal using ascii symbols and EGA screen
> settings on a VGA monitor, that's not ideal ;)

There's example curses conway's game of life in standard distribution
under Demo/curses/ .

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