Changing default font in idle/linux

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Thu Jul 5 22:14:56 EDT 2001

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> To reply to my own post, I found out about:
>   /usr/lib/python2.1/site-packages/idle/config-unix.txt
> but my fonts still look bad. Maybe it's an issue with kde and
> anti-aliasing, but the letters look jagged. Any help appreciated.
> Stephen Boulet wrote:
all I can suggest is a search on fonts in Google Groups, particularly
alt.os.linux.mandrake- for posts on font issues; mine look OK (not great)
w/ LM7.2, python2.1-5, AA enabled (of course AA only applies to KDE apps,
but having it enabled seems to cause some probs. for non-kde apps). Also,
try similar search and:

you'll find a ton of posts, hopefully one will apply to your particular
setup- LM ver, vid card, KDE/QT ver, etc. How do fonts look in other
non-kde apps?? Sorry this is best I can do, hope it helps.....

>> Anyone know how to change the default font in idle in linux? I've
>> looked at the file "" but found no "text['font'] =
>> ("lucida console", 8)" line.
>> Here are my versions:
>> # rpm -q python tkinter
>> python-2.1-1mdk
>> tkinter-2.1-1mdk
>> Thanks.
>> -- Stephen

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