Language change and code breaks

Joal Heagney s713221 at
Thu Jul 26 13:26:24 CEST 2001

Tim Peters wrote:

> I have a good grasp of what it takes to undertake a major optimization
> project (I made my living for 15 years writing optimizing compilers), and
> the only way we have enough resource to tackle that successfully is in my
> dreams.  We could certainly spend more time than we do making solid small
> (localized and modest) performance improvements -- but only by dropping
> other work.  IOW, the plate's already overflowing, Joe, and I'm sure you
> have your ideas of what we should drop to work on what you want instead, but
> everyone else does too, and the bulk of the pressures don't push in the
> "faster" direction.

Tim, Guido and others, thank you for your effort and dilligence in
developing Python. Once you get past the crys of anguish and outrage, I
think most people in this group appreciate your efforts *grins* or we
wouldn't be so interested in python's future. I only wish I knew enough
C/C++ or had the proper time to learn it so that I could become a solid
contributor, rather than an occasional user.

> heck-just-look-at-this-week's-outcry-to-break-division-instead<wink>-ly
>     y'rs  - tim

Yes. Things got heated, didn't they? *evil grin* Anyone would think that
you'd been talking about forcing ourselves on the poster's virgin
daughters. *Hmmm* Maybe that could become a PEP proposal?
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