[Q] Python, GUI, and Java

Robert Amesz rcameszREMOVETHIS at dds.removethistoo.nl
Thu Jul 19 01:01:18 CEST 2001

Young-Jin Lee wrote:

> Can I use Pythong to develop a client application with a GUI? 

Pythong, unfortunately, is single threaded. It's a pretty thick thread, 
though. For multithreading, use Snackless: its threads are painfully 
thin indeed.[*] <g>

> It looks like I should you Tkinter. How powerful is it?

Or wxPython. That's pretty powerful, powerful enough to program a 
Delphi-lookalike in. (Just look for Boa Constructor, it's on 
Sourceforge, IIRC.)

> How easy is it? And is there any way to connect Python application
> and Java application? 

For Jython it shouldn't too be hard. For CPython, though... it all 
depends on what you mean by 'connect'. But, unless I'm very mistaken,  
you can't use Tkinter or wxPython in Jython programs. You'll have to 
use Java's 'native' GUI, i.e. the AWT or Swing.

Robert Amesz
[*] For any newbies out there: the entire first paragraph is just a bit 
of facetious disinformation.

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