Changing the Division Operator -- PEP 238, rev 1.12

Arthur Siegel ajs at
Tue Jul 31 12:55:23 CEST 2001

Bill writes -

>In this context, it comes from the CP4E motivation that people may be
>called upon to script operations or interactions between their
>`toys'... calling them "non-programmers" is shorter than saying,
>`people who may need to program without knowing they are doing it'

But we are going around in circles - as I have been for some few
years on the subject.  I guess I had always hoped that CP4E was
really going to focus on turning non-programmers into programmers.
It made sense to me that it would, because it happens that
IMO Python is a great tool for doing so.

What tool `people who may need to program without knowing 
they are doing it' use is of very little interest -  to me.  

Because now we have descended to the realm of semantic games.
Are people who 'program without knowing they are doing it' in
fact programming in any meaningful sense?

Can than P in CP4E be used for those activities without
with any real integrity.

It happens that you have hit directly on my Big Beef.

To me CP4E is, can and should be a true initiative, 
not a semantic game.

But to the extent you have accurately described CP4E  - 
well I feel foolish for having concerned myself with it.

Got better stuff to do.


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