Most important text processing examples

Andrew Kuchling akuchlin at
Thu Jul 5 18:19:42 CEST 2001

"Dr. David Mertz" <mertz at> writes:
> Always so impressed by the Python discussion group, I figure I will ask
> its advice.  I have recently contracted to write a book called _Text
> Processing in Python_ for Sybex.  The proposal and outline can be

Excellent!  "Text Processing in Python" has been floating on my TODO
list for some time, but now I don't have to write it!  There's nothing
in my outline that's not in yours.  Is chapter I, on interpreter
basics, really necessary, though?  Lots of people have written such
introductory guides, and they all come out looking much the same
anyway, so you could save some pages and writing time by not writing
one more such introduction.  "Mastering Regular Expressions" doesn't
explain Perl's scalars; does "Data Munging" contain an introduction to
the language?  If not, then why should the Python book contain one?  

Oh, and if you haven't completed negotiating the contract yet, you
might want to ensure that the rights revert to you if the book goes
out of print.  Then you could put the text up on a Web page if that


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