PEP scepticism

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jul 9 21:44:32 EDT 2001

Robin Becker wrote:
> In article <9icbft$okp$1 at>, Aahz Maruch <aahz at>
> writes
> >"Who killed Cock Robin?
> >I, said the sparrow
> >With my bow and my arrow
> >I killed Cock Robin."

> here in London the sparrow population (still officially a pest) has
> crashed by 95%, probably the PSU having killed all the Norwegian Blues
> is overloading sparrows with portable nuclear devices.

I feel sure you meant to say "swallow".  The airspeed of a laden
swallow is greater than that of a laden sparrow. (I think... -- Waa!)

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
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